this audcad for now look bullish. we see if today buyer continue again more above 0.9905

Daily Technical Analysis (All 30 Pair Forex) for Monday, February 2, 2015 by ForexPeoples.Com | using Daily TF chart of Trusted Broker since 2005 – Liteforex.

  1. AUDCAD : this audcad for now look bullish. we see if today buyer continue again more above 0.9905. and breakup at 0.9905 will make a new way for price continue bullish here.
  2. AUDCHF : for AUDCHF now look still flat. price move here is so slow move between price 0.7145 till 0.7285. wait is better.
  3. AUDJPY : this AUDJPY can correction to bullish. make a plan buy is ok here if buyer still can hold move above the 90.85.
  4. AUDNZD : sell will be better at AUDNZD then. watch for the breakdown at near 1.0652. sell if it break by seller from top then.
  5. CADCHF : this CADCHF still on flat – price move slow between price 0.7206 till 0.7342. but ok buy if 0.7342 break from bottom then.
  6. CADJPY : downtrend at CADJPY pair move was weak. as long as seller can not continue to bellow 91.71, yes this nice for take a buy.
  7. CHFJPY : now CHFJPY still on flat condition. no trade on here if pair move slow between 125.90 till 129.20. wait please.
  8. EURAUD : downtrend can be at EURAUD now. watch the breakdown at near 1.4476 if we want sell here.
  9. EURCAD : this EURCAD is nice bullish. make a plan buy op is wise here – buy only after breakup happen today to above 1.4488.
  10. EURCHF : pair can bullish at EURCHF – take a buy after breakup at near / above 1.0523.
  11. EURGBP : just consolidation for EURGBP now. wait please if pair move still at between the price 0.7481 till the 0.7536. wait please.
  12. EURJPY : we will be still call flat for EURJPY if price move slow between price 132.36 till 134.19. wait please.
  13. EURNZD : pair can down for EURNZD – at last friday we see formed nice bearish pinbar. sell ok here then if breakdown happen at 1.5504.
  14. GBPAUD : bullish at GBPAUD was too weak. sell better but sl set at above 1.9492.
  15. GBPCAD : bullish at GBPCAD was weak. now pair move was near the supply at 1.9270. sell ok but stoploss set at above 1.9270 then.
  16. GBPCHF : now GBPCHF is flat – pair move is so slow between price 1.3782 till 1.4059. please no trade on that range. wait is better.
  17. GBPJPY : trend look to become down if next seller at GBPJPY can continue to bellow ma 200 red line at 176.09.
  18. GBPNZD : now GBPNZD is consolidation near supply. will be good for search sell if fibo bellow 2.0648.
  19. NZDCAD : trend will be nice to search buy at NZDCAD – start buy at breakup price at 0.9245.
  20. NZDCHF : wait please for NZDCHF – no trade if pair move still on between price 0.6641 till 0.6250.
  21. NZDJPY : for NZDJPY – we see pair can bullish for correction. buy is ok as long as pair move still above the 84.70.

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